Recording Update, a Pictorial 


We got down to business in Gung Ho studio a few weeks ago with engineer Mo Talaba (from Number Station), and got some really great takes. In fact, we captured them faster than we'd planned, so we even had some time to do stuff like make Brian play the Grand.

Kenny rocked a blonde 'fro,

and Jerry lost his shoes.

They didn't let me out of this box all weekend.

Next order of business is tracking the vocals and guitar solos! Plus, we plan on bringing in a special guest or two. Kanye hasn't called me back, but we've got some super stars here in our Eugene backyard to draw from! It's certainly starting to sound like a record, and I'm excited to put these songs out there!

Recording in May! Bend in June! 

Stoked to get into Gung Ho Studio the first week of May! We've got the next record ready to rip, and we'll be recording this thing as live as possible to capture what we love doing in front of you fine folks. The studio is beautiful and I've heard a lot of great records that came out of Bill Barnett's space up there!



We also have some summer dates shaping up, including one in Bend at Silvermoon Brewing. I've been asked to play Silvermoon many, MANY times by Bend-folks at our shows in another towns ... so we'll be there on June 21st (the first official day of summer) with our friend John Shipe!  I hope to see some of the folks that recommended we come down!


Guilty Pleasures 

We playted a really fun show at Sam Bond's Garage last night with a local band called Psyrup, who stripped down their psychedlic/melodic/metal style last night for an Acousitc set.  Ryan swapped his synths for the Bar Room piano, Shawn played an acoustic guitar, and I think Joe completely unplugged his bass from his effects pedals!  It was a really cool re-imagining of their tunes!

We were looking at getting into the studio next weekend, but have opted to push that off until early Spring.  Part of the decision is that we're working up songs for Guilty Pleasures III.  Guilty Pleasures is an awesome show where local musicians get up and sing a tune that they would NEVER cover, but can't help singing along to.  You know ... a Guilty Pleasure.  To give an example, the first year, I did George Michael's "Faith."  Brian did some Huey Lewis, and Kenny sang "Friends in Low Places"

This year we're honored to be 1 of the 3 backing bands for the Guilty Pleasures this year!  In previous years, one group has learned roughly 25 - 30 songs!  Incredible.  I'm really stoked to help those guys enjoy this year's show from the other side of the stage.  Afterall, even the Register Guard listed Guilty Pleasures as one of the 10 best events in Eugene for 2012.  Those dudes deserve to enjoy the experience they've created for this town.

All that said, I should probably get on booking, since we're delayed this recording project.  Look for some shows popping up soon!

Working on it! 

(the sticker)

Well, I haven't been booking shows lately -- I've been sidelined with new jobs and travel -- and now for the first time in about 3 years, we have nothing on the Calendar!  So, just to let you know, I'm firming up some dates and will get those posted soon!

We're also working on logistics for the next record. Such as, who will engineer it, where to record it, who's rich uncle is going to pay for it ... you know, the less-than-super-fun parts of making music, but it's all necessary.

We played the Mushroom Fefstival at Mt. Pisgah last weekend.  What a beautiful place for an outdoor festival, and I was amazed at the weather!  If you'd looked up at that sky on Sunday, you were probably confused as to how it wasn't raining! Grey skies, but dry ground, and tons of people walking around in t-shirts with hoodies and jackets tucked up under their arms.

It was a great place to debut our new Sticker, too (above)! 

Anyhow,  the dudes have been beating me up for not booking shows.  And rightly so.  But let me say thank you for allowing us a small break.  I'll get these upcoming shows posted ASAP!

Thanks All!

New Video (River Rd.) and a couple of fun Saturday shows 

So, I finally got around to putting our video of River Rd up here on the website.  A video which was created by one Claire Flint, and which I think is totally awesome.  But woe, for 'twas never fully finished.  Which is why it sat lonely on a digital shelf until now.  Here's the scoop:

This video was shot, compiled and polished-up, all but for some parts that Brian is in.  Between truly capturing Brian's essence on film and adding him into the video, woe unto us, all of the source files were compromised.  I sure am glad, though, that in all of our excitement Claire made this version of the video.  Which remains in-tact today. Right up top there.

I'm looking forward to cracking the first egg of this Acoustic Show conecpt at Sam Bond's.  They've added a little floor spot  by the tables and want to try out doing some acoustic performaces earlier in the evening.  I think i's a great idea, and it gives a chance to put Brian on his mandolin and harmoicas quite a bit more.

That's the first show for Saturday

Our second show that evening is the at the Cornucopia on 5th & Pearl.  We've played there 8 times, I think, and I like it a lot.  Running your own sound becomes a lot more fun once you've got the drill down for a particular room, and the Cornucopia is feeling downright cozy.  And coming off the totally acoustic early show, I think we'll be primed to plug in! 

In more somber news, say a word for Levon Helm, everybody.

Ashland this weekend at Caldera Tap House 

I'm pretty jazzed to get down to Ashland this weekend!

We're playing a show at the Caldera Tap House, which is a bill booked by Mr. William Kennedy (of Skip's CD World fame; yes that Will Kennedy), and includes Portland songster Earl Patrick. 

I think that a lot of Oregonian hearts keep a special place for the town of Ashland.  It's beautiful and cozy, and has some of the best breakfast and coffee spots in the Northwest (Morning Glory's Oatmeal Pancakes with Walnut Butter, anyone?)

The van is running tip-top (knock on wood), and I've heard the price of gas should be up, Up, UP by Friday!  The higher price means it's more efficient, right?  Here's to hoping!


What to do with new songs?! 

This day in age is a funny time for music, and it has me wondering this:

How do you want the new songs to come out?

I like to put a new CD or a record on the player, clean off my glasses, and read everything about the album; lyrics, who worked the faders, where it was recorded, who played the shakers, all that stuff. 

But I realize that I'm in the minority these days, and I'm trying to figure out the best way to release this next batch of songs (which we've been playing live and I'm REALLY excited about). 

Maybe this next record will just be a download code on a t-shirt tag or something. 

If you have any opinions, please share!

There's a guy here in Eugene that has recently started a cool local music Podast called Alpine Empire.  Check it out -- he's featuring lots of great music, and our tune Barrel Rolling is featured in Podcast #3

These podcasts are also free downloads on iTunes!

Thanks all!

2012, Oh yes. 

2012 has started off pretty fun here at Stagger HQ, beginning with a having our photo taken on the MOON!  (Thank you Paper Moon Photo Studio)

We played a new McMenamins location in Wilsonville, OR )the Old Church and Pub), where we met several cool folks.  One of which is Brian Burke, a photographer who snapped some great live shots and shared them online.

That same weekend, Brian Miller hosted a party where we took the opportunity to bust out a bunch of the new songs we're working on.

I'm really surprised at how quickly some of these tunes have come together (Half a Mind, Awake in a Sleepy Town).  I'm loving playing a tune called Fun & Games as well as Downpour and Watch the Time.

I always think I'm going to wait to play these songs live ... I tell myself, "just wait until the album is ready" or something like that, but these tunes are FUN, and I'm chomping at the bit!

So you'll probably hear us road testing some of these numbers at our upcoming shows.  Sam Bond's tonight, Cornucopia next weekend!  See you soon!


Songwriting Influences - Living Room Recordings, Session 1 

When we play live shows, I'm often asked who my influences are ... and I'm always surprised when folks don't know some of these bands I rattle off (especially Uncle Tupelo!).

So this is the first in a series of living room recordings; stripping down some of my favorite tunes by some of my favorite artists. 

Jay Farrar, Jeffy Tweedy, Mike Heidorn ... these guys are certainly Rock and Roll Heroes of mine!



Jerry Groove Goes on Vacation! 

We've written into Jerry Groove's contract that he can only go on vacation every 3 years :)

I'm giving him guff because we've had to turn down a few really cool shows for October and November.  Which honestly, is a great problem to have, and Mr. Groove deserves to enjoy the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand, and whatever hobbit hole he can find to hide out in for a month or so.  

So, we have three more shows until we take a little break, and I hope you'll come out and wish Jerry safe travels!

Each show is kind of it's own animal, and they're all FREE:

1)  On Wednesday night (9.28) we have a chance to win a new PA system at the Whiskey River Ranch in Springfield. 

This could be super awesome, because our PA JUST died on us, and now we sing through something that makes us sound like old transistor radios!

2)  Jerry and I will do an Acoustic Duo show on Friday (9.30) at the Cornucopia (Downtown).  

I do have fun playing these Acoustic Duo's ... takes me back to when the Stagger got started.

3)  Friday October 7th, we're back at the Cornucopia.  This time, FULL BAND!

We'll sing a "Cheerio!" to Jerry, as he packs his togs to naff off at a Sparrow Fart.  And that's all the New Zealand slang I know. 

After that short break, we'll have a handful of never before heard tunes for you to check out in Cottage Grove, the Day-After Thanksgiving!